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Naracoorte Caves
diprotodon statue
Diprotodon Statue
wet cave
Wet Cave
victoria cave exit
Victoria Cave Exit
cave decorations
Limestone Features
kangaroo skeleton
Leaf-eating Kangaroo
tas tiger
Tasmanian Tiger Statue
cave mouth
Cave Mouth
Cave Bones
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Naracoorte Caves are in Naracoorte Caves National Park south of the town of Naracoorte. The caves were developed as a national park because of the limestone features in some caves; for many years some caves were visited for these limestone features. After large fossil deposits were discovered Victoria Cave was renamed Victoria Fossil Cave and tourist routes in the cave extended to include fossil deposits. These Naracoorte fossils are not like dinosaur bones found embedded in rock millions of years after the animal died; Naracoorte fossils are only up to 500,000 years old (calculated dates vary) including species now extinct as well as some species still living in the area.  
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