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Marree from above Marree Hotel Ghan locomotive
 Marree   Marree Hotel   Ghan locomotive 
Aircraft at Marree Marree railway station End of the line
 Aircraft at Marree   Marree railway station   End of the line 
Tom Kruse truck Transit Accommodation Aircraft fuelling
 Tom Kruse truck   Transit Accommodation   Aircraft fuelling 
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Marree is a small township (population 70 in the 2006 census) at the beginning of the Birdsville and Oodnadatta Tracks. The township was built near Hergott's Spring,discovered by John McDouall Stuart's party in 1859. The town was originally named after the spring but the name was changed to Marree in 1918 when a German-sounding name was not acceptable. The railway line from Port Augusta reached the town in 1883 and Marree was the railhead for the cattle industry handling stock driven from Queensland for the Adelaide markets. The line to Alice Springs was completed in 1929 and used by the original Ghan passenger train. In 1980 the new line from Adelaide to Alice Springs completely bypassed Marree ending its time as a railway town. Marree now concentrates on supporting aerial sight-seeing over Lake Eyre and tourism on the Birdsville and Oodnadatta Tracks.

29° 38'S, 138° 03'E, elevation 50 metres, annual rainfall 162 mm.
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