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Main Street
Mannum Main Street
Mary Ann Boiler
PS Mary Ann Boiler
Dry dock
Dry Dock
Vehicle Ferry
Mannum Ferry
Mannum Hotel
Mannum Hotel
PS Marion
PS Marion
River plain
River Plain
Mary Ann Memorial
PS Mary Ann Memorial
Germinating crop
Germinating Crop
Water pipe
Water Pipe to Adelaide
Riverside Houses
Mannum Band Rotunda
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Mannum is a township of about 2,000 permanent residents (2042 in the 2996 census) on the western bank of the Murray River. The town is a popular holiday and tourist destination and the population is estimated to reach 10,000 when tourists and shack-residents are taken into account. First settlement took place in 1840 and in following decades the surrounding area was cleared and used for agriculture which remains a major activity (growing wheat, oats and barley). Mannum was heavily involved in the growth of river trade on the Murray-Darling system and the only dry dock on the Murray was at Mannum. Industries developed to support agriculture and river-trade included a flour mill and a farm machinery manufacturer. The railway line connecting Mannum to Adelaide was not built so the town did not develop as a river port in the way Morgan or Goolwa developed, nevertheless Mannum was an important support centre for river-boats and now hosts an informative Museum beside the dry-dock with the restored paddle-steamer PS Marion alongside.

34° 54'S, 139° 18'E, annual rainfall 346 mm.
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