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launching ramp
Lake Hindmarsh Boat Ramp
gum trees
Red Gums at Lake Hindmarsh
cropland and lake
Lake Hindmarsh
national park edge
Edge of National Park
gravel road
Gravel Road
malva australiana
Malva australiana
Native Vegetation
drowned veg
Drowned Shrubs
national park boundary
National Park Boundary
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The Hindmarsh region, predominantly the Shire of Hindmarsh, is in Western Victoria and has been described as north of the Grampians and south of the Mallee. Main towns are Nhill and Dimboola. The region is predominantly cropping paddocks and national parks, mainly the Wyperfield National Park covering much of the Big Desert.

Lake Hindmarsh is a major water feature in the region; this is a large body of fresh water supplied by the Wimmera River which rises in the Grampians to the south and terminates in Lake Hindmarsh. West of Lake Hindmarsh a lookout and short nature trail at Hermans Hill in State Forest adjacent to Wyperfield National Park gives visitors an idea of what the cropland was like before it was cleared.

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