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Bindegolly National Park
Track in National Park
swan family
Black Swan Family
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Park Vegetation
Great Crested Grebe
acacia ammophilla
Acacia ammophilla
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Information Shed
Gull-billed Tern
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Scaevola flower
black-fronted dotterel
lake bindegolly
Lake Bindegolly
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Lake Bindegolly National Park is small national park surrounding several salt and fresh water lakes including Lake Bindegolly. The national park is 44 kilometres east or Thargominah on the Bulloo Developmental Road between Thargomindah and Cunnamulla. A short bitumen road runs into the car pak and shelter shed with informative displays. There are no other facilities at the park. There is a bush camp area across the road from the parking area (outside the national park); this is reached along a narrow two-wheel track; in 2011 good ground-clearance was needed to safely negotiate this track.

The lakes are along the Thargomindah Fault; they fill from rainwater but do not have an outlet so water remains in place until it evaporates. Lake Bindegolly is reputed to be dry in one year in ten. It was completely dry in 2009 and full to overflowing in 2011; when it has water the lake is home for a wide variety of native birds.

The park within a few kilometres of the shelter shed/carpark is covered in open scrub and scattered trees with grassy ground cover. A walking track runs for several kilometres from the shelter shed though different vegetation types. The acacia species Acacia ammophilla found in this park and one other place is said to be one reason why the park was established in 1991.