Travelling Australia - Journal 2015b




25 April 2015


Stanley is a small village on the north coast of Tasmania built at the foot of a substantial rock feature called "The Nut". Stanley is very much a tourist destination but is also the home of a significant fishing fleet. In combination these two activities make for memorable seafood eating

The older part of the village has been built literally around the base of The Nut with a haphazard road pattern. Until drivers get used to Stanley, becoming lost and/or confused is the usual result of entering the shop area; but once the layout is absorbed driving around is easy, partly because there is so little traffic.

The Nut

Stanley at the base of The Nut.

Fishing Boats

Fishing is the obvious commercial activity in Stanley.

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An interesting tourist activity is a fishing boat ride to look at a rocky island called "The Bull" a few kilometres from Stanley which is the home of hundreds of seals. They generally ignore the boat of tourists drifting a few metres from them. But, according the tour operators, there would be a different reaction if anybody stepped onto the rock; all the seals would immediately be gone into the water. The rock is also used by hundreds of Black-faced Cormorants resting between fishing trips.


Australian Fur Seals on Bull Rock near Stanley.


A number of Black-faced Cormorants share Bull Rock with the seals. There are so many seals behind the birds they appear to have difficulty finding somewhere to lie in the sun.