Travelling Australia - Journal 2015c




24 July 2015


Urunga is a mainly quiet seaside village with a high proportion of retirees in the population. Surprisingly, the caravan park was well occupied. Weather was mostly overcast with frequent rain but the rain was really very light and was more seen on pools of water than felt. But the cold weather we had experienced in previous weeks was now well behind us and we were much more comfortable.

Bird life on the lagoon and visible from the boardwalk and the beach was as varied as usual with the exception that the migratory birds had mostly gone to Siberia; a couple of Eastern Curlews which had not migrated were feeding at low tide, these were probably some of the immature birds which remain in Australia to put on condition while the rest fly off on migration.

We had a pleasant lunch in the hotel as well as sampling the coffee in a coffee shop. Urunga has the great advantage that we can stroll from the caravan park either to the shops and hotels or to the beach and boardwalk. Even the weather was not unpleasant.