Travelling Australia - Journal 2015c




21-22 July 2015
Sydney (Emu Plains)


We lived in Penrith for several years so knew where the places of interest to use were; this made it a little easier to move around but Penrith is a far busier place than it was when we left seven or eight years ago and driving around was often a slow business.

On the second day we drove to nearby Richmond to check out a free camping area we had read about on the Internet near the Richmond Club. It sounded almost too good to be true but it was an official free-camping area established by the Richmond Club at the end of the car park which was available for up to four nights at a time, for a maximum of twice a month. Power cost $10 a night. This was very promising for future visit to Sydney.

We also had an excellent buffet meal at the Richmond Club before returning to Emu Plains.

Rain began falling in the afternoon and continued into the night. The night was cool but nowhere nearly as cold as we had experienced in previous weeks.