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21-23 April 2015


We had travelled to Strahan to go on the Gordon River cruise and had booked on the Lady Jane Franklin II for the cruise on 22 April. On other days we looked around Strahan and surroundings.

Strahan is a small town (population 637 in the 2006 census) with a varied history. It was established as a port for mining activity in south-west Tasmania and named Strahan in 1877 after the colony's governor. For most of the nineteenth century and early parts of the twentieth century Strahan was a port for passenger and cargo. It was, and remains, the point of access to the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park although the road is now the usual way of getting there.

Most activity in Strahan is based on the port area. Commercial vessels forming a small fishing industry are based at Strahan which has also become the base for servicing fish farms established across Macquarie Harbour from the town. Fish farm servicing requires a continual supply of fish food to be regularly delivered to the moored, floating fish pens by boats which also deliver fish fry and harvest mature salmon and trout from the pens.

Much of the port area is run down and fenced off so visitors do not injure themselves but wharves have been built for tourist vessels operating on Macquarie Harbour, for the fishing fleet and for fish farm support vessels; two slips are available for boat maintenance. At least one sight-seeing seaplane operates from the wharf area.

Weather in Strahan is described as an oceanic climate with mild summers and cool, wet winters; the town is frequently hit by low pressure areas from the Southern Ocean. Average annual rainfall is 1.5 metres and it rains, on average, on 240 days in each year. The town records 15.7 clear days in each year. Snow rarely falls in Strahan but is fairly common on the mountains inland.

Important industries in Strahan are fishing, wood-working and tourism. The effect of tourism is obvious in the number of accommodation and tourist related businesses, including boat trips on Macquarie Harbour and up the Gordon River. Many tourist related activities take place in very recently built premises, most designed to handle a large number of visitors; others use recycled buildings erected in earlier years for different purposes.

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post office tourist accommodation
 Post Office  Tourist Accommodation

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tourist units seaplane
 Tourist Units  Seaplane
Fishing Boats alongside On slip
 Fishing Boats  Boat on Slip
wharf area information centre
 Wharf Area  Information Centre
ocean beach seabirds
 Ocean Beach  Seabirds

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