Travelling Australia - Journal 2015a




20 March 2015
Urunga to Casino


We left Urunga after beakfast and made our way out to the Pacific Highway to return to Casino.

The drive back to Casino was the reverse of the trip to Urunga. Traffic was generally light and dominated by caravans, with heavy transports hardly to be seen. Many caravans were moving well under the speed limit and queues quickly formed behind them, mostly of other caravans. At one stage we could see eight caravans in a row ahead of us. Fortunately much of the highway is duplicated and other traffic could get past for most of the time. The weather was mostly sunny and warm, pleasant for travelling.

Arriving at Casino I reversed the van into its parking space; our short trip was over and Urunga had proved to be an even more pleasant place to stay than we remembered.


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