Travelling Australia - Journal 2015b




17-19 April 2015
Hobart/Mt Wellington


Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington (1,271 metres high) dominates Hobart, towering over the city and waterfront. A bitumen road runs to the top but snow can fall on the mountain but not on Hobart itself and upper sections of the road may be closed because of snow and ice while the weather lower down is more reasonable. On this occasion the road was open to the top although the summit car park was decorated with older snow blown into heaps, especially around rocks and shrubs, and partly turned to ice. Snow on some shrubs had turned into ice looking scenic (and cold). The viewing pavilion has a thermometer showing air temperature of -0.5°C in mid-afternoon.

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sullivanscove tasman bridge
 Central Hobart  Tasman Bridge
tv tower icy plant
 Television Tower  Iced Plants
summitboulders wrest point
 Summit Boulders  Wrest Point