Travelling Australia - Journal 2015c




18-19 July 2015


Our few days in Canberra staying at EPIC were dominated by the weather, specifically by the outbreak of very cold weather extending over south-eastern Australia in the last few days. This air mass had been followed by a high-pressure area now covering Victoria and much of New South Wales. Large high pressure areas at this time of year bring lovely bright, sunny days with blue sky and little cloud and very cold nights; we got both.

Night-time temperatures quickly dropped below zero getting down to minus 4°C on some mornings. Once the sun rose we could see frost on the grass around the caravans. Caravans connect to water taps on their sites by a plastic hose lying on the ground and water in our hose froze solid a few hours before sunrise cutting off our fresh water supply. On a couple of mornings our feeder hose remained frozen well after sunrise and I could hear ice crystals crunching when I twisted it. Pipes feeding the taps serving sites (including ours) had also frozen and turning them on did not produce any water. We had to use our internal water tanks for breakfast; these tanks are under the van well above the ground and continued operating normally. Taps and feeder hoses resumed normal operation once the day warmed up and the ice melted.

We had stopped at Canberra to visit family members and had afternoon tea with them on Saturday. Our next planned stop was in western Sydney (Penrith/Emu Plains) also to visit family members. The possible difficulty with getting to Sydney was the likelihood of snow falling overnight on the Hume Freeway blocking it for several hours in the morning. But we would worry about that when the time came to leave Canberra.