Travelling Australia - Journal 2015c




15 July 2015
Cobram to Holbrook
191 Kilometres


The rain falling at sunset yesterday stopped during the night and the morning was bright and sunny with a blue sky. But cold. Connecting caravan and Pathfinder was straightforward and we drove out of the Cobram caravan park onto the Murray Valley Highway without incident.

Traffic was light as we drove through Yarrawonga. This region is very much one for irrigated pasture and dairy cattle although there were few dairy cattle seen from the Highway. From Yarrawonga we passed several roads to the south (right) signed as going to Wangaratta which is the main urban centre here.

Approaching Rutherglen we returned to vineyards and wineries with numerous brown and white tourist signs along the highway pointing towards wineries, many advertising open cellar doors. By the time we reached Rutherglen the weather had deteriorated; the sun had long been covered by cloud and light rain was falling. The rain increased and was nearly continuous, but not particularly heavy as we joined the Hume Freeway south of Wodonga making our way around Wodonga and Albury in a much heavier downfall.

The rain continued on and off, heavier and lighter, as we drove north along the Hume Freeway to Holbrook. This was a hillier road than the Murray Valley Highway which was at about 70 metres elevation. Between Albury and Holbrook the road climbed above 350 metres briefly descending to be at 250 metres elevation at Holbrook

The town of Holbrook has fairly recently been bypassed by the Hume Highway/Freeway (it was the last place on the highway between Melbourne and Sydney to be bypassed) but access between freeway and town is easy. In the caravan park we were told that the high wall beside the nearby freeway access ramp cut off television reception in the caravan park and the road contract paid for a repeater in the caravan park; it certainly provided us with excellent reception on all television channels.

Light, but persistent, rain continued while we unhooked and set up the caravan.


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