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13 May 2015
Casino to Glen Innes
232 Km


Today was the start of our main 2015 travels intending to go to Broken Hill and Port Lincoln returning through Victoria. However, mid-year is not the best time to be travelling in a caravan in southern Australia because of the wintery weather and we would change the plan if the weather proved too unpleasant.

Our first leg was from Casino, up the face of the Great Dividing Range to Tenterfield then along the New England Highway on the New England Tableland to a free-camping area about ten kilometres north of Glen Innes. The Bruxner Highway from Casino to Tenterfield remains the most direct way up onto the Tableland from Casino although it leaves much to be desired as a main highway; considerable resurfacing is needed. Traffic was very light; a few sedans and 4WDs going up the hill and one or two heavy transports, some sedans, and a handful of caravans going the other way. Roadworks were in progress along the road as local councils took advantage of the better weather to carry out repairs.

At Tenterfield we joined the New England Highway for 91 kilometres to Glen Innes. The highway remained at about 950 metres elevation until the village of Drinkwater then climbed (mostly gradually) to 1017 metres elevation at Glen Innes. Traffic on this highway was slightly heavier than on the Bruxner but still very light for a main state and interstate highway.

When we left Casino the sky was blue, there was no wind and outside air temperature was 22°C. As we made our way up the highway (from 30 metres elevation at Casino to 888 metres elevation outside Tenterfield on the edge of the Great Dividing Range) the air temperature dropped to be 17°C at Tenterfield and further down to 15°C at Glen Innes. Cloud steadily increased all day and a strong, gusty wind arose.

In Glen Innes we stopped at McDonalds for a late lunch. Parking with a caravan attached is available behind the Information Centre beside McDonalds. Then we refuelled and drove north to the large Beardie Waters rest area about ten kilometres north of Glen Innes on the New England Highway where we were first to arrive. By the time we had stopped and prepared for the night (a very simple procedure) the wind was bitingly cold, shortly afterwards rain began falling. By 5:30, just after the sun had set, the outside air temperature was 7°C and a cold night was approaching.

van and pathfinder

Caravan and tow vehicle at Beardy Waters rest area near Glen Innes.

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