Travelling Australia - Journal 2015c




13 July 2015
Echuca to Cobram


Connecting caravan and Pathfinder the day before before leaving Echuca had been a matter of judging when the rain was going to stop for long enough but was completed just before it got dark. Next morning we drove out of the caravan park, through the historical precinct formed by the older shopping parts of Echuca near the wharf, and out to the Murray Valley Highway where we turned left (east) towards Cobram, our destination for the day.

The land was flat with many paddocks levelled and configured for irrigation but lacking the water needed for a crop because of shortage of irrigation water. Cattle were often grazing in the paddocks although there were also rolls of hay from an earlier crop stacked along paddock margins. Despite the lack of irrigation water paddocks were green.

The road was variable with a very wide range of surface quality; some sections had a flat surface and were a pleasure to drive on while other sections were rippled or rough and uneven as if the road was breaking up, driving on these was not pleasant. Traffic was very light, a couple of heavy transports and several sedans and caravans. The weather remained reasonable for driving with some sunshine and a moderately strong tail-wind pushing us along (but the wind was very cold if we were out in it)

In Cobram we checked in to a caravan park just outside the town on the Murray Valley Highway and set up the van. The weather remained cloudy with occasional sunshine although the rain had now stopped. After disconnecting we drove into Cobram to have a look around. We also drove across the Murray River to the village of Barooga which is Cobram's satellite across the river (as Moama is Echuca's satellite).


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