Travelling Australia - Journal 2015c




12-16 June 2015
Broken Hill


We had a quiet few days in Broken Hill. Daily activities were mainly controlled by the weather which appears to have settled into a pattern of a few days of low cloud and rain, sometimes very heavy, followed by a few days of sunny days with mostly blue sky and cold to very cold nights.

On the final day of our stay the weather was grey, dull and raining all morning. Too wet and miserable to do anything apart from staying in the caravan. In the afternoon Broken Hill was struck by a thunderstorm with extremely heavy rain lasting for half an hour; our rain gauge recorded 18 millimetres of rain in a little longer than an hour. Drains outside and inside the caravan park went from dry to overflowing. Fortunately we had cancelled our plans to be out and about at the time the thunderstorm struck.

visitor centre

Visitor centre and restaurant on top of the mullock heap towering over Broken Hill

visitor centre

Sturt's Desert Pea is characteristic of the region. This plant is growing on a nature strip and has received more care than a native-growing plant