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9 July 2015
Balranald to Echuca
253 kilometres


eagle sculpture

Eagle sculpture outside Balranald Information and Discovery Centre in the main street.

The sun was shining, however briefly, from a mostly cloudy sky as we left Balranald on the road south to join the Murray Valley Highway near Tooleybuc travelling via Kyalite. This road ran through cropland beginning almost as soon as we left Balranald; this was nearly flat country with several areas of low hills. Most cropland relied on rainfall but closer to the Murray River, several paddocks were fitted for spray irrigation. Traffic was very light; a few sedans and caravans travelling in both directions.

Near Kyalite we crossed the Edward River which also flows through Deniliquin and re-joins the Murray River shortly after passing Kyalite. The Edward River is an anabranch which leaves the Murray near Tocumwal, flows past Deniliquin and Kyalite and rejoins the Murray west of Kyalite. It is part of a river network formed thousands of years ago when the Murray River was blocked; according to research the present-day Edward River was the course of the Murray River until it resumed the current course.

After crossing the Murray River via the narrow (single-lane) bridge at Tooleybuc we joined the Murray Valley Highway and turned left. The Murray Valley Highway passes a variety of agricultural activity and businesses and is very hard to describe simply. We would pass several vineyards at one place, then not see another vineyard for 30 or 50 kilometres while we passed cropland with some stock grazing. Around Kerang the road passed an area of wetlands.

We stopped in Cohuna for lunch at a rest area at the sports ground near the river. The weather was now cloudy and cold. We continued south-east along the Murray Valley Highway to Echuca. In Echuca we checked in to a convenient caravan park and were assigned a good-sounding drive-through site with a central caravan slab intended to be beside the caravan and under the extended awning. Unfortunately there was a street light pole blocking access to the space intended for the caravan so I parked the van on the slab making it very easy to level since all four wheels were on the slab. Given the weather we were to experience in the next two days being parked on the slab proved a good idea.

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