Travelling Australia - Journal 2015c




6 June 2015
Menindee to Broken Hill
117 Km


The morning was bright and sunny with a cold wind as we connected caravan and Pathfinder to leave Menindee and return to Broken Hill on the road we had travelled a couple of days ago. Traffic was light but, given that roads beyond Menindee are all gravel and Menindee itself is very small, there were quite a few vehicles.

As we had experienced while driving to Menindee acouple of days ago, the road is mostly gently downhill from Broken Hill to Menindee with some higher hills near Broken Hill. This is supposed to be sheep grazing country but we saw more than fifty emus and only a handful of sheep and goats.

Arriving in Broken Hill we checked in to the caravan park for one night.


Menindee - Broken Hill Road. The black and yellow sign supposedly warns of stock grazing along the road-side but we saw mainly emus well back from the road.


Between Menindee and Broken Hill the land is dominated by bluebush/saltbush scrub such as this.

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