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6 July 2015
Mildura to Balranald
163 kilometres


We left Mildura on the Sturt Highway crossing the Murray River into New South Wales then turning to the east through smaller villages slowly being transformed into Mildura suburbs. This area shares Mildura's interest in grape vines and citrus orchards but these were soon faded away and we were passing through pretty flat uncleared mallee scrub extending to the edge of Euston half-way to Balranald.

The Sturt Highway was moderately busy (two or three other vehicles in sight on the road most of the time is more vehicles than we have seen for many days), mainly sedans and 4WDs with a few heavy transports and some caravans. Between Mildura and Euston the Sturt Highway carries traffic between Adelaide and Sydney (via Mildura) as well as traffic to and from Mildura and the Murray Valley Highway which officially begins at Euston and runs along the Murray Valley to Albury/Wodonga.

The weather was cloudy with light rain falling for about half of the time; most of the time the rain was so light that windscreen wipers were not needed but at other times the wipers were in use.

Around Euston we passed vineyards full of vines; at this time of year they were all dormant and most had been pruned. Although we didn't see them, almonds are also grown around Euston; we passed an almond dehulling plant on the edge of the town. Just past Euston the Murray Valley Highway turns off to the right into Robinvale and beyond; the volume of traffic on the Sturt Highway then declined.

After we left Euston the vineyards were replaced by the mallee scrub; but the mallee scrub was soon interspersed with cleared paddocks used for crops. Approaching Balranald the proportion of cropland increased substantially; many paddocks had a green tinge about them which we took to be a growing crop.

We had visited Balranald before and knew where the caravan park was and how best to get to it.


Mallee scrub along the Sturt Highway. Mallee trees are characterised by having several trunks growing up and out from a central root system.

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