Travelling Australia - Journal 2015c




2 June 2015
Warrawong-on-the-Darling to Broken Hill
202 Km.


The night was very cold. Our external thermometer recorded 1°C at 6 o'clock in the morning and other people reported lower temperatures. There was certainly a heavy frost including ice on motor vehicles with a layer of ice slow to melt on windscreens facing west and away from the rapidly warming sun. The blue sky and bright sunshine made the morning pleasant if the low temperature was ignored.

We had connected caravan and Pathfinder yesterday afternoon and were soon on our way. The caravan park had nearly filled up at sunset yesterday when about six caravans arrived individually. There was already a 4WD group from Canberra comprising 42 people, more than ten vehicles and a number of tents, swelling the number of people in the park. As we drove out this group was forming up for an excursion and 4WD vehicles were scattered around the access roads.

The short access road from the Barrier Highway was corrugated gravel for a few hundred metres before we turned onto the Highway and were soon passing through Wilcannia enroute to Broken Hill.

Between Wilcannia and Broken Hill the Barrier Highway was mostly in long, straight stretches with gentle hills; there were no overtaking lanes and no duplication. Traffic was light, a few heavy transports including road trains and semi-trailers, some sedans, utilities or 4WDs and a number of caravans. About half the vehicles seen on the road were caravans yet caravan parks consistently claim that this is a quiet time of the year.


Land along the Barrier Highway enroute to Broken Hill.

Land along the highway was scrub, grass and scattered trees; terrain was more or less hilly. Sheep or goats were often seen, but cattle were not seen at all until we encountered extensive flat, open grassland approaching Broken Hill.

Just before entering Broken Hill the Barrier Highway was joined briefly by the water pipeline from Menindee and the main railway line (from Sydney via Menindee). Also before Broken Hill we passed a roadside sign advising us to change or clocks as we were entering the central time zone (half an hour different to eastern time) used in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Broken Hill which is really in New South Wales but is close enough to South Australia to consider itself really part of that state.

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In Broken Hill we made our way, following the GPS, to the caravan park we had selected for this visit (one we had stayed at before) and set up for two nights stay mainly to catch up on supermarket shopping.


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