Travelling Australia - Journal 2014b




29 November 2014
Mullengandra (nr Albury) to Canberra


Mullengandra rest area had been fairly quiet overnight. We were the only occupants last night but in the morning there were three other vehicles there; during the night we had heard occasional smaller vehicles stopping to use the toilet and several heavy transports had stopped for a while, at one time three could be seen from the caravan; that just about filled this fairly small area.

We turned onto the Hume Highway a few minutes after 8 o'clock. This major highway was just about deserted at this time of day and we made good progress on the duplicated freeway; the few other vehicles on the road easily passed us. The Hume is fairly flat between Seymour and Wodonga in Victoria but in New South Wales the terrain is reasonably hilly with Kyeamba Gap West rest area at an elevation of 477 metres. There is a sequence of rest areas along the Hume in New South Wales although, as in Victoria, many are best suited for heavy transports. Kyeamba Gap is a bit unusual in that the northbound side initially appears to be a truck area with a large, nearly flat area not particularly inviting for caravans; but at the northern (far) end of the bitumen a two-wheel track leads down a slight rise onto a smaller area ideal for caravans and very difficult to get a truck into. This smaller rest-area has access directly onto the highway.

Weather was bright, sunny, but not yet hot. The land along the freeway was brown. When we drove along this road earlier in 2014 we marvelled at how green the land was from the edge of the road right to the tops of the hills in the distance. Now that green has turned to brown.

Just past Yass we turned off the Hume onto the Barton Highway going to Canberra where we drove to EPIC (Exhibition Park in Canberra) which has a caravan park section available when major public events are not in progress. The booking office is open until 1230 on Saturday and Sunday and I was the last person served this Saturday. After checking in for three nights we drove the 800 metres to the camping area where we found a reasonable site and set up. That evening rain fell quite heavily.


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