Travelling Australia - Journal 2014
28 March 2014

The days in Frankston were spent catching up with family members living in the south-east suburbs of Melbourne. Travel was made easier by completion of the M11 freeway section around Frankston since our last visit. This freeway section connected older freeways north of Frankston with those to the south. This road had not been completed with other freeway projects and through traffic to and from the Mornington Peninsula previously had to go through seven sets of traffic lights in Frankston on an otherwise freeway drive to Dromana.

Now the freeway section was complete and there was an access/exit a kilometre or so from the caravan park. We had a short drive to the access and then had a freeway/motorway drive for most of the distance to our destination.

The weather remained variable. It rained heavily one night; some days were warm (to 33°C one day) and other much cooler.