Travelling Australia - Journal 2014
25-27 February 2014

Balranald Visit
Our three days in Balranald were mainly spent looking around the surprisingly large township and understanding a little of its complex history which is entwined with the story of river trade on the Murray-Darling which is itself a complicated story.

The weather was both warm and hot, some days were hotter than others, there was no rain. On some days we gladly ran the caravan air conditioning in the afternoon; on other days it wasn't needed.

Across the Murumbidgee River from Balranald township extensive river red-gum forest spreads along the river bank. Several tracks allow walkers to look more closely at the red-gums and other plants.

sign The River Red-gum is an enduring feature of Balranald; these gums are on the floodplain across the river from the town.

sign River red-gum fruit are distinctive with their domes and four (occasionally five or three) slits in the cap.

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Common Bird Trail
sign Bird hide at the Common Bird Trail on the outskirts of Balranald.

sign Young adult Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike near the bird hide. A fully-grown adult has more extensive black on the face.

sign Water near the bird hide ensures a variety of birds can be seen.

Balranald visit - page 2

Balranald Birds
sign Blue-faced Honeyeater

sign Noisy Miners have taken over the caravan park.

sign Yellow Rosellas are not rare but are found only in a small area along this part of the Murray valley.