Travelling Australia - Journal 2014b




25-27 November 2014


Time in Sale was determined by repairs to the Pathfinder. The problem was quickly diagnosed by the Sale Nissan dealer but fixing it required a full day and the engine had to be cool when work started. The whole process of diagnosing and repairing took four whole days we had not planned for so we had to replan the rest of our activity.

We were particularly interested in the Sale caravan park (Sale Motor Village) practice of charging sites individually for electricity used. Separate electricity charging has allowed park management to substantially reduce the charge for a site with an associated increase in patronage; apparently the allowance for uncontrolled electricity usage on sites is the largest component of the $30 to $38 current site fees. These fees trigger a vicious cycle when visitors adopt the attitude they are paying a lot of money for their site which includes unlimited electricity so they use power without limit. But charging individually for electricity has encouraged visitors to control usage because they will individually pay for that electricity; this control includes turning off electrical hot water heaters when not needed.

We paid about $8.50 for electricity for four days bringing our total daily charge to a little over $20 a night (air conditioner not used at all). No wonder managers say that patronage at their park has increased.

Weather during our stay in Sale continued cool to warm with some sunny and/or rain spells.