Travelling Australia - Journal 2014
22 March 2014

Yarram to Phillip Island
The weather as we left Yarram on the South Gippsland Highway was cool but sunny. Outside temperature reported in the Pathfinder was 14° but we expected it would get a little warmer as the day progressed. Traffic was very light and the South Gippsland Highway continued to fail to live up to its A grade numbering. It appeared that the people responsible for designating the A class roads had no effective contact with the road builders.

From Yarram the road passes through grazing country dominated by cattle with a few sheep seen. There continued to be so many cattle grazing that we expect they have been trucked from Queensland and New South Wales. Properties along this road also had sustantial numbers of hay bales in storage or, in a few cases, advertised as for-sale at the property gate. A very different situation to that we saw in New South Wales a few weeks ago.

From Yarram to Foster the road was reasonably level passing through Welshpool and Toora before bypassing the main part of Foster. Past Foster the road began a long climb up to 300 metres over the Hoddle Range. The Corner Inlet Lookout is at the top of the hill at an elevation of 303 metres; haze meant that Wilson's Promontory was barely visible from the lookout. Then the road descended again to Meeniyan and on to Leongatha.

corner inlet lookout
From Corner Inlet Lookout over surrounding farmland. There was too much haze to see much of Wilson's Promontory in a slightly different direction.  
The wind became strong and gusty as we passed over the hills. Not only could I feel the caravan moving in the wind but we watched a wedge tailed eagle being buffeted by the wind as it tried to fly past a hill. It was having some difficulty in making headway.

At Leongatha we transferred to the Bass Highway which took us through Inverloch and Wonthaggi, then San Remo and the bridge onto Phillip Island.

For the entire distance from Yarram to Wonthaggi we were driving through cattle country. some properties had hay in round bales and others had silos to hold grain they grew but grain did not appear to be a major product of the region. The small silos we saw looked as if they were for on-farm use primarily.

On this drive we did not pass any grain receiving centres or the older silos. But we did pass a fairly new livestock centre (a cattle saleyard) at Koonwarra south of Leongatha. This was the only large public agricultural facility we passed and indicates the priorities on local properties.

McLoughlins Beach - page 2
The bridge at San Remo connecting Phillip Island with the mainland.  
At San Remo we crossed to Newhaven on Phillip Island and made our way to Cowes where we checked in to a caravan park. On Phillip Island a new road sign was used as much as it was on the South Gippsland Highway. This sign warns of "Low Branches" but we didn't see any low branches and there was no indication of what was meant by "low". Clearance for our caravan was never in doubt and we wondered what purpose there was on putting up these signs which appeared to be, at best, irrelevant and redundant.

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