Travelling Australia - Journal 2014
March 2014

McLoughlins Beach
McLoughlins Beach is a small, unremarkable, settlement of holiday houses and shacks located near a footbridge across the tidal arm of Shallow Inlet and providing foot access to the Ninety Mile Beach along a walking track through coastal tea-tree forest. This is one of the few access point by land to the Ninety Mile Beach in the Corner Inlet-Shallow Inlet area.

There is a double boat ramp beside the footbridge with a large parking area, and public toilet nearby. A channel leads from the boat ramp area out into Shallow Inlet. Boat access further up the inlet is not possible (kayaks may be able to go there though).

Also at McLoughlin's Beach is a jetty connected by a boardwalk to the carpark at the boatramp. The boardwalk crosses tidal flats and allows access to tidal flats special vegetation.

Signage for access to footbridge, boardwalk and boat ramp is not conspicuous. Drivers need to scrutinise street name signs to find these facilities.

McLoughlin's Beach footbridge from the Ninety Mile Beach side. The boat ramp are is to the left of the bridge on the other side of the inlet.  
Terns on the Ninety Mile Beach at the end of the walking track from the footbridge.  
McLoughlins Beach - page 2
Pelicans waiting out low tide near the boat ramps.  
Echidna in the national park digging into the sand to protect the soft underside. The head is towards the camera but kept well down in the sand so the spines can protect the animal.  
echidna spines
Close-up of Echidna spines.