Travelling Australia - Journal 2014
18-23 February 2014

Our week in Mildura was pretty much a holiday. We had visited Mildura several times before and had seen most of the sights we were interested in seeing. We didn't go into the main part of the city other than to visit Officeworks for some specialised items.

The weather was generally good although a few windy spells prompted me to fold the awning one evening in case the strong and gusty wind grew worse. In the event the wind died away to nothing a few hours later. During the week a pattern developed of cool nights with temperature of 17 to 19 at about 8 o'clock in the morning of a bright and sunny day with a light breeze. The temperature would climb gradually during the day to reach about 30 by mid to late afternoon. There was no rain.

There had been heavy rain in Mildura before we arrived. When we experienced 37 millimetres in 24 hours at Hay, Mildura had received 60 millimetres but there were very few signs of that rain still remaining. When I enquired about the Hattah-Kulkyn National Park south of Mildura I was told they had not been seriously affected by recent bushfires but had received 90 millimetres of rain a few days ago; although the park was not closed, visitors were advised that movement within the park was impossible for 2WD vehicles and difficult for 4WDs. I chose not to go there.

I visited the Inland Botanic Gardens. This is so large and varied that I find something new every time I go there.

The caravan park we use in Mildura is across the highway from a major shopping centre and several other large stores (Big W, Coles supermarket, Bunnings) and light industrial business (caravan, Clarke Rubber, camping shops, auto spares, Bob Jane Tyres) are within a kilometre. Although we didn't visit all these businesses we find this a good place to do any minor running repairs needed on the caravan.