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9 November 2014
Casino to Glen Innes (Beardy Creek)


Today we started a fairly short (less than a month) trip to go to a bird-watching event at Omeo in Gippsland. The trip was intended to attend that event as well as to confirm that several changes to our caravan had been successful.

Weather was good for travelling, mostly sunny with a clear blue sky until early afternoon with some cloud in the afternoon.

Our route was up the Bruxner Highway through Tabulam and Drake to Tenterfield where we turned south on the New England Highway bound for a camping area about seven kilometres north of Glen Innes. This route has been well documented on several earlier trips and will not be described here.

Traffic was light on the Bruxner and New England Highways. The only traffic of note was a number of full-size caravans going in the opposite direction on the Bruxner Highway, on one occasion we passed five in a convoy although we had no way of knowing if they were travelling together or just happened to be behind a slower van.

At the Beardy Creek rest area we found ten or twelve caravans or motorhomes already in place; we found a suitable place and stopped for the night. Beardy Creek, running beside the site, had some water in it but appeared to be no longer flowing. This is a large rest area and there was still plenty of space by nightfall.

epicormic leaves on trun

Beardy Creek beside the rest area.

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epicormic leaves on trun

Beardy Creek rest area north of Glen Innes is popular with travellers


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