Travelling Australia - Journal 2014
7 April 2014

Canberra to Sydney (Emu Plains)
Weather was cool and cloudy, but not raining, as we drove out of EPIC onto the Federal Highway and out of Canberra and the ACT into New South Wales. The Federal Highway between Canberra and the Hume Freeway is a dual carriageway with many new sections; traffic was light, mainly sedans with a few heavy transports.

Soon after leaving the ACT the Federal Highway reaches 755 metres elevation and remains at around that elevation for a while. Even Lake George is high (about 690 metres). As usual Lake George was mostly dry, but very green, with cattle grazing in the northern part. The only real difference between green Lake George on the right and green paddocks on the left was that Lake George was remarkably flat.

Eventually a sign beside the road proclaimed the top of the Great Dividing Range at 724 metres elevation. The road remained fairly high after that point and was down to 700 metres by the time we joined the Hume Freeway. We were then on a gradual, but not steady, descent to be at 646 metres when we stopped at Marulan roadhouse for coffee.

Past Marulan the road map shows many well-known townships such as Mittagong, Bowral and Moss Vale, but the only sign of town on the Freeway is the exit markers. The road increasingly passes through timbered regions and begins a long descent to be passing about 100 metres near Campbelltown. The weather remained reasonable, with scattered sunshine, no rain, but increasingly strong and gusty wind. Traffic increased in volume approaching Sydney, mostly sedans with a good number of heavy transports.

At the M7/M5 interchange we turned onto the M7 ring road to take us to the M4. At about midday, traffic on the M4 was moderate. We turned off near the end of the M4 onto the Emu Plains exit and drove to the caravan park where we set up on a small site for a couple of nights.

daily map