Travelling Australia - Journal 2014
5-7 March 2014

Wangaratta is conveniently close to the Millewa region which is the home of a couple of businesses we usually visit when in the area. These are Brown Brothers Winery Cellar Door and the nearby Cheese Factory which is also a restaurant. After trying (and buying) some wine at Brown Brothers we had an early lunch at the Cheese Factory before returning to Wangaratta.

There are several reservations and nature reserves around Wangaratta and the Warby Range National Park is nearby. Despite the lack of recent heavy rain, there were some interesting flowers in bloom in the reserves.

The yellow Goodenia flower is common in a variety of habitats. Flowers of many species in this genus are similar.

Whalenbergia flower; there are several species of Whalenbergia which are separated by reference to the leaf size, shape and placing.