Travelling Australia - Journal 2014b




3 December 2014
Hickey Falls to Glen Innes


The night was reasonably quiet with the occasional gust of wind to stir up nearby trees with the occasional few drops of rain. The smell from the dead pig had mainly faded by morning, probably more because the wind was blowing the smell away from us than anything else.

Leaving Hickey Falls we returned to the Newell Highway and turned north.

As we drove north along the New England Highway the occasional, intermittent rain we had experienced became gradually heavier until we were over taken by a full blown rainstorm with heavy rain and low temperatures. As the storm approached the air temperature began dropping from 30° and reached 16° amid heavy rain. Once the storm had gone the air temperature recovered but got no higher than 25°.

We had not started the day with any specific destination but had some possible overnight stops in mind, as well as the possibility that, if we made good progress, reaching home in Casino was not out of the question but we decided to spend the night at Beardy Creek Rest Area a few kilometres north of Glen Innes.

Rain, which had been sort-of threatening all day, finally arrived on a hot night (more than 30° at sunset).


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