Travelling Australia - Journal 2014
3 April 2014

Rain fell all night and continued after sunrise until about mid-day. The cloud base was low and the tops of nearby hills were in cloud. We did some shopping in Wangaratta but moving around was difficult because of the rain. The rain eased during the afternoon and

Rain eased during the afternoon and had just about cleared as sunset approached. The cloud also cleared a little then and we briefly saw the sun before it set.

The caravan park is adjacent to paddocks in the King River Valley and we were able to watch an interesting sequence of bird feeding in the paddock. During the day several dozen Ibis of two species (Australian White Ibis and Straw-Necked Ibis) moved systematically over the paddock feeding; they were present for at least four hours and didn't pause in picking up food items from the grass. The two species appeared to be unconcerned at feeding in groups of another Ibis species. Then they flew away together in mid-afternoon leaving the paddock empty for a while.

At about 4.00 p.m. a scattered flock of Yellow-crested Cockatoos arrived in screeching ones and twos until there were several dozen of the white birds grazing over the paddocks the ibis had worked over earlier in the day. Given the different diets of the three species there was no competition between Ibis and Cockatoo but it was interesting to see the way the paddock was used on a "time-slot" basis by different bird species.