Travelling Australia - Journal 2013
31 May 2013

Frewena Bore to Tennant Creek - Barkly Highway
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Not for the first time, we were last van to leave the rest area on a sunny and cloudless day. The tail wind we had enjoyed for several days had just about gone and fuel consumption was accordingly slightly higher.

Pulling onto the Barkly Highway we again saw a cat carcasse on the side of the road; as we saw yesterday, this was one of two road kill we saw all day, the other was a cow. The Barkly Highway remained a good quality, two-lane bitumen road in long, straight sections which made overtaking easy for other vehicles going our way; they were usually faster than us. The road rose very slowly from the low point at Frewena Bore; the climb was very gentle and could be detected only by watching the GPS elevation reading creeping up. In 32 kilometres we climbed from about 210 metres elevation to 256 metres.

We stopped at the 41-Mile Bore rest area to see what it was like; this was more extensive than it looked from the road with stopping areas spreading into the scrub from an extensive cleared area along the road; this rest area had been modified to make it unusable by trucks which were not allowed to enter (a road train could not have negotiated the turn required at the entrance).

The 41-Mile was the last rest area before the Barkly Highway joined the Stuart Highway. The Barkly continued climbing gradually and had reached 332 metres when it joined the Stuart at Three Ways. We turned south towards our destination for the day at Tennant Creek where we checked in to a caravan park for three nights.

Stuart Highway near tennant creek The Stuart Highway approaching Tennant Creek from the north passes through a cutting in the McDouall Ranges (also named after the explorer John McDouall Stuart).

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