Travelling Australia - Journal 2013
30 May 2013

Wonarah Bore to Frewena Bore - Barkly Highway
location map
The rest area around Wonarah Bore emptied quickly as caravans headed out onto the Barkly Highway. The weather was good, with blue sky, bright sun, and a light tail wind. As we turned onto the Barkly we saw a dead cat carcasse beside the road, this was the only roadkill we saw all day. Traffic was light, mainly road trains and caravans.

At the Barkly Roadhouse we stopped for fuel. There were eight or ten caravans and sedans in the roadhouse refuelling area and all of them were pointing in the other direction, indicating they were bound for Queensland and confirming our observation there were few caravans going in the same direction as us. To get to a bowser I had to do a U-turn and temporarily join the opposite flow. Diesel at Barkly was $1.99 a litre but we had no choice, although I did not fill the tank having worked out that we needed less than a full tank to get to Tennant Creek.

We pulled into Frewena Bore for the night and reversed the van onto an area of mown grass providing shade alongside the van all afternoon. This rest area was also used by road trains while drivers took their mandatory rest periods and one or two road trains took up a large part of the rest area. But a track behind the rest area led onto a large flat and cleared area several hundred metres across which several caravans and motor homes went onto. In dry weather this meant Frewena Bore rest area was very large indeed but several maps show the large flat area as a lake so caution would be needed in the wet.

Frewena Bore
Frewena Bore is one of the very few bores along the Barkly Highway with a windmill steadily turning in the wind apparently pumping bore water into the tank.
This bore is one of the few retaining a windmill still turning in the wind and apparently pumping water. But examination of the bore shows the central rod is still going up and down as it should for pumping, but the pipe between bore and tank has been removed. In the afternoon the maintenance contractor came around to collect rubbish and connected a long hose from a tank on his truck into the tank beside the artesian bore. The still turning windmill has been retained as decoration and doesn't pump water at all.

A few more caravans came into the rest area towards sunset but it was not really full at any time.

daily map