Travelling Australia - Journal 2013
30 July 2013

Archer Creek to Kennedy Highway
The night was not particularly cold and the morning bright and mostly sunny as we drove out of the rest area; a few caravans and motor homes had already left but twenty or thirty were either staying another night or planning for very casual departures. Traffic on the road was light, the road was a very good surface with numerous hills but remaining between 600 and 700 metres elevation. The village of Mount Garnet was slightly above 700 metres elevation on the Atherton side but there is a significant hill in the middle of the town and the lower side is about 650 metres elevation.

After Mount Garnet the road swung around to head more south and continued going up and down quite long hills without gaining, or losing, much height although there was a slight increase in elevation to be at 800 metres at the intersection with the Gulf Development Road where we stopped for a cup of coffee in the caravan.

kennedy highway Recently resurfaced Kennedy Highway running through eucalyptus woodland
woodland Typical woodland along the highway; the main components appear to be ironbark and box with some bloodwoods and other eucalyptus.
South of the Gulf Developmental Road the Kennedy Highway runs through eucalyptus woodland with hardly any undergrowth. The road also runs along a ridge with the land sloping down on both sides; this is the ridge at the top of the Great Dividing Range with the land to the left (the east) sloping down to reach the Pacific Ocean eventually while the land on the left (the west) slopes down to the Gulf Savannah grassland.

The Kennedy Highway past the Gulf Developmental Road is mainly a new road for the 20 kilometres we travelled before stopping at an unnamed roadside stop for the night. This stopping area was in the eucalyptus woodland allowing us to have a good look at this plant configuration. The sun shone all afternoon with a gentle, cool, breeze.
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Being stopped beside the road all afternoon allowed us to see how little traffic there was on this road; some road trains, some caravans and a few 4WD or SUVs passed us in each direction over the span of several hours.

friar bird Friar Bird taking advantage of flowering eucalyptus.
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