Travelling Australia - Journal 2013
29-30 June 2013

location map
These two days in Katherine were very quiet for us. We spent much of the time preparing for the next stage in our trip mainly trying to confirm the condition of the Carpentaria Highway from Daly Waters to Borroloola. It proved impossible to get a straight answer to questions about the condition of the road so I prepared alternatives in case it proved too rough for us.

During our visits to Katherine shopping centre we looked more carefully at the facilities for caravans, having in mind the large number of caravans we had counted on the road from Katherine on our trip from Darwin. There is no doubt Katherine could be described as caravan friendly with defined caravan parking area adjacent to the Visitor Information Centre car park which is across the road from the shopping arcade/supermarket. The public dump point is beside the caravan parking area. Travellers passing through Katherine can park their caravan in easy walking distance of the supermarket, pharmacy, newsagent, bakery, visitor information centre and coffee shop with a slightly longer walk to the whole shopping complex including banks and take-away food such as Macdonalds.

The caravan parking area is a reasonable size but fills up quickly and many drivers choose to use adjacent grassed areas which have become, by default, overflow caravan parking. The lack of signs prohibiting parking there indicates local authorities are relaxed about this and local businesses no doubt approve since anybody parking there is going to at least one shop. Nevertheless the number of caravans stopping in Katherine appears to be far more than expected when the caravan parking area was designed. Given Katherine's location as the key transit location on the road to Darwin and northern Western Australia from eastern and southern states (South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland), and vice versa, the number of caravans passing through is likely to increase.