Travelling Australia - Journal 2013
27 June 2013

Darwin to Rum Jungle
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The caravan park in Virginia is only a few hundred metres from the Stuart Highway so we were soon well on our way heading south bound for Rum Jungle and a planned brief visit to nearby Litchfeld National Park. The weather was typical for the cool dry season, bright and sunny, some cloud, no rain and no wind. Traffic on the Stuart Highway was light and the road excellent.

Once we passed the turn-off to Cox Peninsula, which is also the road to major attractions for locals and tourists at Berry Springs and the Territory Wildlife Park, the road narrowed to a single lane in each direction. Traffic remained very light, mainly caravans heading north with a handful of motorhomes and a handful of sedans. Heavy transports were notably absent.

We turned off the Stuart Highway following signs to Batchelor. Although this road goes to the major tourist attraction at Litchfield Park much of it has a surface suited to a minor feeder road and we bounced around a fair bit. From Batchelor we continued on to Rum Jungle which was once a thriving uranium mine but is now little more than a name on the map. At Rum Jungle we turned into Banyan Tree caravan park and selected a site from the delightfully well shaded powered sites; the site were large and setting-up took little time. This caravan park is outside the national park but close enough to the park boundary to be a good base for exploring Litchfield for anybody who does not want to set up camp in the National Park.

agile wallaby Agile Wallaby disturbed while grazing in a paddock near the caravan park.
euc s The Darwin Woollybutt (eucalyptus miniata) is a major species in the eucalyptus communities dominating the Top End. The stocking of bark covering the lower trunk with upper limbs smooth white are distinctive features.
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euc miniata The Darwin Woollybutt has distinctive orange flowers.
After setting-up for the night we drove to briefly visit the Magnetic Termite Mounds in Litchfield National Park. That was as far as we wanted to go in Litchfield and we returned to the van.

Before sunset we sat outside the van in the shade watching Agile Wallabies feeding in an adjacent paddock.

GPS Position
Banyan Tree Caravan Park: - 13° 01' 40.2"S, 130° 58' 29.7"E
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