Travelling Australia - Journal 2013
June 2013

World War II Airstrips
location map
Driving around the Top End the visitor inevitably encounters brown and white tourist signs pointing to a "WWII Airfield". These signs, and the associated length of flat ground, are readily seen along the Stuart Highway where satellite airfields were built to operate fighter aircraft to defend Darwin against Japanese bombing raids.

Sometimes the name of the former airfield is available but the name doesn't, by itself, mean very much.

An exception is Strauss airfield along the Stuart Highway (GPS position is at the bottom). Signage at this former airfield explains when, why and how it was built. Nearby three large, coloured cut-outs advertise the three major types of fighter aircraft operated in the Darwin area, and from Strauss airfield, between 1942 and 1945.

Strauss airfield
Former Strauss airfield alongside the Stuart Highway - vehicles on the highway can be seen in the right distance. The shelter on the left covers some explanatory signage. Beyond the shelter are coloured cut-outs representing three fighter aircraft types which operated in defence of Darwin between 1942 and 1945.
kittyhawk Kittyhawk.
WWII Airstrips - page 2
spitfire Spitfire MkVc.
spitfire Spitfire MkVIII.

GPS Position
Strauss Airfield: - 12° 39' 26.3"S, 131° 04' 38.2"E