Travelling Australia - Journal 2013
June 2013

Darwin Aviation Museum
location map
Darwins's Aviation Museum, more correctly named as the Australian Aviation Heritage Centre, is 8 kilometres from Darwin centre on the Stuart Highway. The large hangar was built by the Northern Territory Government on airport land but the centre is self-funding.

Aviation in Darwin began in 1919 when Ross Smith landed his Vickers Vimy at Fanny Bay ending the first flight from England to Australia in less than 30 days and winning a prize from the Australian Government. These early historical events are marked but more emphasis is placed on the Japanese bombing of Darwin and the activities of Australian and American pilots flying fighter aircraft in defence of Darwin. Most aircraft on display are more modern with a B-52 dominating the display area.

Tiger moth and B52
The older Tiger Moth fits under the tail-plane of the B-52 with room to spare.
b52 nose Nose section of the B-52.
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B52 wing
B-52 wing and engine nacelles dominates the large hangar. The top of the fin of an F-111, the museum's newest addition, can be seen over the top of the B-52 wing.
spitfire replica Replica Spitfire Mk VIII. This model Spitfire served at Darwin airfields during the Second World War.
avon sabre Avon Sabre fighter aircraft.