Travelling Australia - Journal 2013
July 2013

Cumberland Chimney
kingfisher Forest Kingfisher sitting on a branch with the sun showing off its blue back
goanna This goanna was prowling around near caravans. It ignored people and generally acted as if it owned the whole area.
little black cormorants Little Black Cormorants are social birds which collectively search underwater for fish. On the surface they swim with heads held high. Most cormorant are solitary birds, or may be seen in a pair, but the Little Black is usually in a group.
Cumberland Lake - page 2
spoonbills Spoonbills working along the edge of the lake sifting mud and water for food items.
colours Contrasting colours at the end of the lake. The band of green is vegetation growing in shallow water at the lake edge. The slope in the background is drier grazing land with numerous termite nests.