Travelling Australia - Journal 2013
17-26 June 2013

Darwin/Palmerston area (Virginia)
location map

17 June
Today we towed the caravan to a smaller caravan park at Virginia a few kilometres past Palmerston. Palmerston was established as a sort of dormitory township but seems to be developing a character of its own.

18 June
On the 18th I drove to Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve to see if it lived up to the many comments I had heard about this reserve. The reserve was excellent value.

19 June
Light rain fell during the night; at first we thought the sound on the roof was birds or bugs then realised the outside mats had water on them. The day was warm with some cloud. Today we did the Corroboree Wetland cruise on a billabong along Mary River. Crocodiles and birds were seen and photographed.

20 June
A mobile caravan repair man was booked today to make some repairs to the caravan awning. Repairs were successful and I learnt a lot about caravan awnings.

21 June
A visit to Crocodylus Park where crocodiles (salt-water and freshwater are bred and studied).

22 June
I visited the Aviation Museum near Darwin airport.

23 June
A quiet day around Palmerston.

24 June
Visit to Window on the Wetlands and to the Leaning Tree Nature Reserve, both along the Arnhem Highway.

25 June
Visit to Territory Wildlife Park near Berry Springs south of Darwin.

26 June
Preparation for departure from Darwin/Palmerston tomorrow.