Travelling Australia - Journal 2013
15-22 May 2013

location map
Our time in Winton was relaxing. The weather was variable; a few days were warm and sunny with a blue sky but they were in the minority; other days were cloudy, not so warm, with showers of rain on at least two days

The caravan park generally followed the usual sequence of filling up late in the afternoon and clearing out in the morning; by lunchtime the park was usually nearly empty. The number of people stopping to have a look at Winton's attraction was surprisingly few.

A group of about 20 apostle-birds lives in the park spending much of its time foraging between caravan sites. The level of aggravation between these birds was noticeable; they certainly did not harmoniously move around the park and work together. Instead we were treated to an almost continuous series of squabbling and arguing between the birds.

While we at Winton I drove to Lark Quarry to photograph the dinosaur footprints and also visited the Australian Age of Dinosaur Museum to have a look at their new Stage Two building. Several visits were made to Bladensburg National Park which is showing serious signs of drought as the consequences of the previous poor wet season become clear. Ironically, activities in the national park were constrained by rain. Most tracks are on black clay and impassable after rain; on rainy days we had to find somewhere else to go since we were not prepared to risk being stuck in mud.

On our last day in Winton continuous rain began at about lunchtime as part of a band of rain crossing Queensland. After going into town in the morning for a cup of coffee we spent the afternoon in the van. In the short intervals between showers I connected caravan and Pathfinder ready for departure tomorrow. The rain eased just after sunset and the cloud began clearing. In the evening we went to the regular dinner put on at the caravan park and attended the bush poets entertainment by Melanie Hall and Susan Careary.