Travelling Australia - Journal 2013
15-17 June 2013

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We had planned to spend the weekend in Darwin proper before moving to a caravan park on the outer edges and closer to the national parks and similar attractions we were interested in visiting. The weekend in Darwin was a good opportunity to revisit places we had seen on earlier visits and to see the changes in Darwin, while also seeing the things which didn't change.

Driving around Darwin was interesting for many of the minor differences. For example, in New South Wales drivers are required to indicate before leaving roundabouts; while I didn't think much of the law when it was introduced I have become used to seeing indicators on other vehicles on roundabouts showing where they will be turning. Drivers in Darwin are not required to indicate (or if they are the law is not enforced) and it is much harder to work out what is happening on roundabouts.

We visited some of the standard tourist places such as the central Mall and Mindil Markets; both seemed less busy than on earlier visits. This may be because it is "early in the season".

The weather remained what we understand to be typical early dry-season. Nights were cool, mornings also cool, afternoons warm becoming hot. Some occasional cloud but no sign of rain.

mindilmarkets Mindil Markets, held twice a week in late afternoon, is one of the more popular and diverse markets in Darwin.
fishing boats Fishing boats moored in the fishing boat harbor behind lock gates and protected from the effects of the high tidal range in Darwin.
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mall The Mall in central Darwin.
stuart statue Statue of Charles Stuart at the entrance to Darwin Mall commemorates the man who explored the route from Adelaide to the north coast.
We could not help but notice the airport which is increasingly being surrounded as Darwin expands. There is no Sydney-type curfew on aircraft movements and cargo aircraft taking off in the small hours of the morning make considerable noise. Military aircraft also use Darwin airport but, at present, they do not usually fly at the weekend so the noise was coming from civilian aircraft.

On Monday 17 June we moved the short distance from central Darwin to the Palmerston area which was closer to national parks, conservation areas and other wildlife attractions.