Travelling Australia - Journal 2013
10 August 2013

Texas to Casino
This was our coldest night so far with outside temperature of zero at 6:30 in the morning. By the time we left the rest area outside air temperature was reading 7°C and the Pathfinder engine took a while to warm up to comfortably tow the caravan - even on a level road. Immediately after leaving the rest area we crossed the Dumaresq River (with signs saying the New South Wales border was on the southern bank), then drove a few kilometres to join the Bruxner Highway where we turned left towards Tenterfield.

The weather was good for travelling; the morning was still cool (8°C at 9 o'clock), sky was blue with no cloud, bright sun and no wind. There was no traffic; the road was so peaceful that we disturbed a wallaby standing in the middle of the road. This was a mixed farming are with sheep and cattle grazing in some paddocks while others were under crops with spray irrigation. Tobacco was once grown around here but several of the stone kilns used to dry the leaf are all that remains of that activity. We passed a flock of sulphur crested cockatoos (white cockies) which are not an unusual bird around here but are normally not seen along roads.

Tenterfield is near the edge of the Dividing Range above 800 metres elevation so we knew there would be hills to climb enroute from Texas (elevation 285 metres). But at first the Bruxner Highway generally fohe llowed the south bank of the Dumaresq River remaining at river elevation until, about 80 kilometres from Texas the road climbed quite quickly to 600 metres and another 100 metres in the next 20 kilometres. Then we were pretty much on the tableland with exposed boulders and low hills until the road joined the New England Highway a little way north of Tenterfield.

Following the New England Highway to Tenterfield we turned off onto the Bruxner Highway for the 102 kilometres down to Casino. This journey has been reported on several times and will not be recorded again here.

Arriving in Casino after an uneventful drive down from Tenterfield we backed the caravan into its home place and began unpacking. We had driven 12,900 kilometres and been away for 96 nights.

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