Travelling Australia - Journal 2013
7 May 2013

Nindegully Pub
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Nindigully Pub
Nindigully Pub.
Nindigully Pub is one of the few buildings left standing of the original village of Nindigully and is now quite isolated about 45 kilometres from St George with few, if any, nearby residents. The pub offers free camping to caravanners and motor-homers probably in the hope that a few will have a meal, or a drink, at the pub. The pub also offers hotel accommodation to travellers and was used by several road train drivers on the night we stayed in the free-camping area.

We stayed for one night at Nindigully Pub. Entering the parking area behind the pub we saw nearly a hundred caravans scattered around under and between trees and along the edges of the large vehicle parking area. We eventually found an acceptable spot but, like every other van we saw, left the towing vehicle connected for the overnight stay.

Caravan parking
A small part of the caravan parking area among the trees.
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The pub offers genuine free-camping with no charges and minimal, limited facilities. Caravans park with no controls or supervision, there is no power available, nor is fresh water piped to the caravan parking area. There is no dump point, there are a few garbage bins which were overflowing; toilets and showers are available at no charge. No questions are asked and some vans we passed looked as if they were set up for several days stay. The pub provides information to visitors about the trees, birds, animals and history of the local area and has done a good job with information boards.

The pub incurs little ongoing cost making land available for travellers; if any of those travellers buy a meal or a drink in the pub then the pub gains business. We had the evening meal in the pub and saw a steady stream of caravanners in the bar and dining room; none of whom would have been there if free-camping had not attracted them. Once the current refurbishment of the free-camping area is completed there will be space for dozens of caravans to park and Nindigully Pub can expect to be well patronised.