Travelling Australia - Journal 2012
29 March 2012 - Albury to Wangaratta
The morning was overcast as we packed up and left the caravan park in Albury bound for Wangaratta less than an hour's drive away. We were soon on the Freeway heading south amid light traffic. The weather brightened up a little and was quite good for travelling, especially on the dual carriage-way Hume Freeway. Traffic remained light; mainly heavy transports and some sedans heading towards Melbourne. The only notable feature about traffic was the number of caravans heading in the other direction, we assumed this was part of the annual caravan exodus from Victoria as winter approached.

The highway passed through grazing land with sheep and cattle seen from the road.

Wangaratta was by-passed when the Hume Freeway was built and is set back from the freeway; we turned off at the Wangaratta exit and made our way to the selected caravan park where we set up for five nights.

daily map