Travelling Australia - Journal 2012
18-23 July 2012 - Mildura
Our week in Mildura was quiet. Weather was variable but generally fairly good for this time of year. Some days were overcast with a few drops of rain; most were sunny with a clear sky and lots of sunshine, but with a cool breeze. When the evening television reported that most of Victoria was under grey cloud all day it was easy to see why Mildura has a reputation for having more sunshine than any other part of Victoria

I took the opportunity of having a tyre dealer (Bob Jane) beside the caravan park to have a wheel alignment done on the Pathfinder. The steering had, for some time, felt strange and at the last service Nissan had reported the steering was pulling to the left and recommended a wheel alignment. Results indicated the alignment had been overdue.

The opportunity was also taken to have an RACV check of the Pathfinder battery as part of investigating some odd electrical events. The battery checked out as ok but still sometimes has difficulty starting the vehicle in the morning.