Travelling Australia - Journal 2012
17-20 March 2012 - Canberra
A quiet few days in Canberra visiting family members.

The caravan park at Sutton was one of several parks distributed around the periphery of the Canberra built-up area. This one was too far from Canberra to receive most television stations; there was a collective television aerial connected to each site but ours didn't work and office staff said most aerial connections on sites didn't work but they had no plans to fix them.

We had lived in Canberra more than thirty years ago and it was interesting to see what has changed, and what has not changed, in that time. The weather was variable; some days sunny and others rainy; the poor weather made photography difficult on at least one day. Canberra has some spectacular vistas on a sunny day but the same scenes are dull and bland without the sunshine.

The flat tyre on the Pathfinder was found to be beyond repair and we extended our stay in Canberra while a replacement tyre was sent to the dealer and installed.

Anzac Avenue from Mt Ainslie
Along Anzac Avenue towards both Houses of Parliament from Mt Ainslie.
Anzac Parade from Mt Ainslie
Central Canberra from Mt Ainslie.