Travelling Australia - Journal 2012
14-16 July 2012 - Kingston on Murray
We had a very quiet stay at Kingston on Murray. The weather improved steadily during the three days; the first day was cold and windy, the second day not as cold and the third day sunny and cool.

On two days we went to nearby Banrock Station for lunch. Banrock Station is a vineyard/winery/cellar door which has restored a local wetland connected with the Murray River. Most wetlands along the Murray River were permanently flooded in the 1920s when newly constructed weir and lock systems along the Murray River raised the water level behind the new weirs. The previous cycle of drying and flooding as river level in the unregulated river responded to rainfall, as well as to snow melting in headwaters in the Australian Alps, was replaced by continuous flooding. Reproductive cycles of plants, fish and animals were disrupted; populations declined. Banrock Station seeks to return their wetland to the natural cycle by controlling water flow and allowing wetland to dry out completely at appropriate times of the year. Drying out has the very useful side effect that thousands of carp are stranded and become food for birds and animals.

On the third day we drove to Barmera, 15 kilometres way along the Sturt Highway. This is a small town of about 2,000 and the closest shopping centre to Kingston. Weather today was the best of the three days while we were at Kingston; the sun shone, the sky was mostly blue but the wind was cold.

Barmera shops Part of Barmera shopping street