Travelling Australia - Journal 2012
14 August 2012 - Emu Plains to Canberra
We left Emu Plains in cool, but sunny, weather. From the caravan park we joined the M4 motorway after the morning peak traffic had reduced and made our way to the Lighthorse Interchange where the M7 crosses over the M4. There we transferred to the southbound M7, turning off onto the M5, which becomes the Hume Freeway then Hume Highway. There were no traffic hold-ups and the trip out of Sydney was smooth. Traffic on the Hume was mostly light with a number of semi-trailers and B-doubles on this main Sydney-Melbourne road. The duplicated carriageway extends from Sydney to beyond the Canberra turnoff and traffic was moving well.

We stopped at Marulan for fuel and a cup of coffee then continued towards Canberra.

Truck Park Marulan roadhouse truck park with the Pathfinder (second from the left) lost among the B-doubles. This photograph readily explains why truckies using UHF radio often refer to ordinary vehicles on the road as "little ones"

In Canberra we intended to stay at EPIC (Exhibition Park In Canberra) which has a caravan park section available for public use whenever major events are not being held. I had looked at maps of the Exhibition Park on the Internet the night before and expected that finding the way in would be tricky for a newcomer. The camping ground/caravan park section of the exhibition grounds is around the other side from the main entrance where sites are paid for in the Camping Office. Once inside the grounds moving around is easy via a single road which runs completely around the site. Divided roads and traffic meant we needed a couple of attempts to enter the grounds towing the caravan but then everything went smoothly and we were soon set up on a site with power and water.

The visit to Canberra was to visit family members; we would not be sightseeing.

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